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Rev. Fr. Ioan Lupescu
Parish Priest

In 2001, IPS Archbishop Nathaniel names Fr. Ioan Lupescu as Assistant Priest. In October 2014 Fr. Lupescu was named administrator and in October 2015 he became Parish Priest.

Rev. Fr. Nicolae Izbasa
Assistant Priest

In 2001, IPS Archbishop Nathaniel names Fr. Nicolae Izbasa as Attached Priest to the Holy Nativity church. In 2015 Fr Izbasa was named Assistant Priest.

V. Rev. Fr. Simion Pavel

On July 1st, 1983 Fr. Simion Pavel is named parish priest of the Holy Nartivity Romanian Orthodox Church. At the Episcopate Council held in 1992 at Holy Nativity church, Fr. Simion Pavel was named Archpriest of Midwest. Fr Simion Pavel retired in 2014.

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